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Brand Design

  • Create new updated brand design - logo, icon and graphics

  • Create custom website theme to match new brand design

  • Create custom menu setup to match new brand theme


Web Development (10-20 pages)

  • Setup products or listings, with information and photos (4 - 20 Products or listings)*

  • Adjust website layout for responsive viewing (desktop, tablet, and mobile)

  • Organize and link pages according to the sitemap

  • Properly size and name any product photos to add to site

  • Prepare any PDF documents/reports (properly sized and named)

  • Setup Blog templates to match new branding

  • Setup branded email newsletter template

  • Setup company inquiry and/or contact form

  • Connect all social media accounts

  • Setup branded email newsletter template

  • Setup Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

  • Add Privacy and Terms/Conditions pages

  • Set up Cookie Consent banner to site

  • Create a sitemap.xml file


SEO and Google Setup

  • Connect site to Google Search Console

  • Add Google reCAPTCHA to any forms on the website

  • Integrate site with company Google Analytics Account

  • Setup website for social sharing and Google business listing

  • Adding alt-tags on images and short urls on posts

  • Discuss company keywords and meta title/descriptions with client

  • On-page SEO adding keywords meta title/description


Clients Provide

  • Cost of domain and hosting (not included in plan) 

  • Website copy (final approved copy)

  • Company and team member images

  • Folder with any current brand - logo, icons and graphics files

  • Privacy Policy and Terms/Conditions Information

Training and Maintenance
Once the website is completed, we will arrange a training session to acquaint you and/or your team with the newly developed website. This session will enable you to easily make any desired text or image changes to the site.


For those seeking additional assistance or wishing to contribute, we offer optional monthly website maintenance and support plans. Enjoy the tranquility of a small monthly fee while we take care of all necessary maintenance and upkeep, providing you with peace of mind.​



$6800-$9800 +gst

Business eCommerce and Listing Website is a type of online platform that serves as a hub for businesses to showcase and sell their products or services.


This type of website typically combines elements of eCommerce, where transactions for goods or services take place, and business listings, where businesses can create profiles to promote their offerings.


*Price depends on amount products or listings

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