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Brand Design

The brand identity onboarding process is a crucial phase in establishing a cohesive and recognizable brand presence. This includes the brand's mission, values, visual identity, and voice. During this process, participants gain an understanding of the brand's personality, target audience, and unique selling points.


Clear guidelines are often provided regarding logo usage, color schemes, typography, and messaging to ensure consistency across all communications. The goal of the brand identity onboarding process is to align all involved parties with a unified understanding of the brand, fostering a sense of belonging and ensuring that the brand is presented coherently to the external world.

Our goal is to collaborate with brands to craft a strategy that effectively conveys their brand identity—who they are, their goals, but most importantly WHY they do what they do! 

Lets get started!

It begins with a comprehensive form that serves as the initial point of contact and information gathering. Followed by a consultation (phone or zoom meeting) where we listen to your needs, goals, and ideas.


We then provide a detailed proposal and scope of work, outlining the project's timeline and costs. Once approved, we move on to the design phase, where our creative team brings the client's vision to life. We encourage open communication and revisions throughout this stage to ensure the design aligns perfectly with the client's expectations.

Our onboarding process is a carefully crafted journey that fosters and encourages a collaborative experience for our clients.

Please fill out this form as best you can. If you have any issues or questions feel free to email 


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